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About New Zealand

New Zealand is so beautiful, its people so unaffected and laidback...

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The appeal of New Zealand to migrants with its very high...

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Travel Visa NZ

Please remember, unless you are an Australian citizen, whether on...

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New Zealand is very backpacker friendly, and not just because it is a cheap...

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Why live in New Zealand? ‘EnZed’, as it is affectionately known by...

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New Zealand’s economic growth is steady...

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New Zealand has an excellent, world-class government funded...

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More than three-quarters of New Zealand’s total...

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Places to Visit

New Zealand is known in legend as the Land of the Long White...

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Work, Study Travel and Immigration Visas to New Zealand

Welcome to Immigration Info New Zealand. This site offers you all that you need to know about New Zealand, whether you are planning to migrate, make a short visit, backpack or study at a New Zealand tertiary institution.

Contained in this site: all you need to know about planning your trip, including immigration and visa matters, budget information, customs entry and exit details, housing and employment matters, plus some additional fun information on the average Kiwi lifestyle, suggested places to visit, and even a few helpful cultural etiquette hints…

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