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Want to live and work in Australia? Want to live and work in Australia? Australia needs skilled workers! 200,000 jobs are advertised weekly, and the unemployment rate is the lowest in years. 102,500 Skilled Visas are to be granted by June 2008.

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Want to travel to Australia? The Australian Visitor visa allows people to travel to Australia for tourism or business. Applicants from certain countries can conveniently and securely apply online for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA).



Want to work and holiday in Australia? This Australian visa provides an opportunity for young people from selected countries to holiday and work in Australia for a period of 12 months, allowing them to explore the country.

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Want to study in Australia? Each year over 150,000 international students arrive in Australia. The Overseas Student Program (OSP) allows people who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents to study in Australia.

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Want to manage, purchase or set up a business in Australia? The Business Skills visa class encourages successful business people to settle permanently in Australia and contribute to the Australian economy by developing new or existing businesses.

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Want to retire in Australia? The Retirement visa is for people over the age of 55, who have no dependants (other than a spouse), and can support themselves in Australia. Enjoy your retirement!

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Want to join your partner/spouse in Australia? The Australian Partner visa is for people who have an eligible Australian spouse/partner or interdependent partner, or who wish to come to Australia to marry their Australian fiancé.

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Want to join your children in Australia? Parents may be able to migrate to Australia if they have a child in Australia who is an eligible Australian citizen or permanent resident. Visas are available for parents of working age and those of pension age.

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Work and Live in Canada

Due to growth in the Canadian economy and the continued shortage of skilled workers, the Canadian Government seeks skilled workers with transferable skills rather than specific qualifications. In 2007, over 100,000 skilled worker visas will be made available. Find out if you qualify for fast-track processing of your application for permanent residence and how to obtain a temporary work permit

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Work and Live in the UK

The UK Government seeks skilled workers & professionals to fill shortages created by the growing UK economy. Free UK visa eligibility assessment.

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Study in New Zealand

New Zealand has an excellent, world-class government funded education system, from pre-school right through to tertiary institutions. Schooling is compulsory from the ages of 6 through to 16. However, most children begin school in advance, at five years of age, and on average leave at about 18 or 19. Most New Zealand schools are co-educational – meaning they take both females and males, but there are also single sex schools. The school system in New Zealand is divided into three main sectors, the Early Childhood education sector (ages 2-5 years); the Compulsory sector (ages 5 or 6-18); and the Tertiary education and other adult learning sector (18+).

New Zealanders hold that education is every child’s birthright (regardless of gender or any other consideration), and as a result, there is regular monitoring on the standard of education offered by all schools. Both girls and boys are encouraged to reach the same high level of education through formal learning.

Be aware that you, as a new immigrant to New Zealand, may find the education system, particularly with regard to the teaching methods employed and style of discipline, very different to that you and your children may be accustomed to. In New Zealand, the emphasis is on developing a child’s self-discipline – the child’s strength of mind and will – rather than on rigid obedience to authority. The education system also focuses on a method of learning through understanding, with less memorization work than students of other countries may experience. In short, the school system aims to promote every child’s eagerness to learn.


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